15 Delta Labs Level 1

  1. Exiting the bay (Delta Entryway), scavenger around for cells, a backpack, shards, and a PDA (Robert Price) which tells you the code for locker #21D (keycode 298). On a seat in front of the panoramic window is a copy of Martian Science magazine’s special edition on the UAC that you might enjoy reading.
  2. Go around towards the locked door. A corpse shatters the window alongside the door. Climbing through the empty pane (Delta Control Room) you find stations in two cubes, and a medkit. (You can press the buttons on the stations to start backups if you care to but it might not mean anything except to management.)
  3. Go down the hallway (Delta Systems Control), returning to the main console.  Approach the Holo Controller panels to restore power to the labs by pressing either button labeled INITIALIZE POWER SYSTEMS. The controllers respond by displaying a message telling you a data linker is required.
  4. Leave the console, and walk forward, where a floor panel blows up. Go into the crawlspace, where you find shards, continuing through the vent.
  5. Exiting the vent, (Delta Main Lobby). All doors are locked, so move forward, then go left into the hallway (Delta Lobby Corridor).
  6. Go up the stairs to the middle area for the data linker next to the corpse, and nearby cells.
  7. Return through the vent and corridor to the Holo Controllers (Delta Systems Control), to activate the power. You still need to power up a reactor to get power.
  8. Leave the console by going down the stairs to the console’s right. Moving forward, you hear a computer voice saying, “Video linkup requested”. Before you is a console with a Vidcom Access station, with clips. Kelly tells you about the problem with Delta Labs.
  9. Returning to the opening to crawl under the floor (Delta Control Corridor), an imp shows you the way.
  10. Up and out of the floor (Delta Main Lobby), close around are two doors that had been locked. Moving forward into the lobby, an imp attacks, followed by a pinky demon.
  11. Go into the corridor (Delta Lobby Corridor), moving forward (Delta 1 Access Lobby), there are two doors on either side of a platform.
  12. Go through the door to the right (Delta 1 Access Stairs), where an imp attacks, followed by a commando zombie. At the dead end, there is a medkit, armor and rockets.
  13. Return through the door (Delta Access Lobby), then go to the other door where a commando zombie assails.
  14. Go through the door (Delta 1 Service Hallway), where an imp attacks. There is a shard which triggers an imp.
  15. Go through the next door (Delta 1 Service Area 1). To one side of the door are clips and shards. Zombies assault. In a corner is armor, triggering a pinky demon charge.
  16. Go to the door opposite the armor location, to be attacked by a commando zombie from a alcove. There are shells in the alcove.
  17. Go through the door (Delta 1 Service Area 2), to be attacked by an imp. There are cells on a crate next to the door.
  18. Go down the stairs. A zombie assaults. Approaching the health station where it hid triggers a commando zombie.
  19. Go through the door (Delta Service Warehouse). There is a clip on a crate near the door
  20. Drop down the broken stairs, to the warehouse floor. A host of lost souls swarm at you.
  21. Moving toward the shelves, a revenant attacks. Scavenger the area for adrenaline, shards, medkit and cells. There is an open maintenance hatch low to the floor with a medkit at its mouth.
  22. Crawl into the hatch passageway. At the end (Storage Room 21-D), are shells. Hiding alongside the shelving, a cacodemon awaits. There is a medkit and clips on the shelf. Open storage locker 21D (keycode 298) to find armor, medkits, rockets and shells.
  23. Go through the door (Delta Service Tunnel 2), which triggers an imp to come out of an alcove with the gift og fireballs. On the other side of the door , another imp attacks.
  24. Jump down to floor level where you find shards on the floor, and an aide kit on a crate.
  25. Moving forward, a revenant attacks, followed by cacodemons.
  26. At the end of the walkway, there is a stairway to the left defended by a cacodemon. To the right is an alcove with a barrel to blow up for the clip behind it.
  27. Climb up to the walkway, for shards, an aide kit and a medkit. You’re attacked by imps and a commando zombie as you go.
  28. Go back down the walkway stairs, then climb up the stairs opposite the alcove that the cacodemon was defending (Delta Reactor Support).
  29. Take the lift down, to be attacked by imps when the lift collapses. There is first aide and clips alongside the broken elevator. There is an inaccessible medkit.
  30. Across the room is a stair, at the top of which is a door, through which a revenant comes.
  31. Go through the door (Reactor Support Hallway), to find an alcove containing a zombie. There is an aide kit and shells.
  32. Through the next door (Delta Reactor Room), and you’re attacked by lost souls.
  33. Go up the steps, and down the walkway to a utility ladder, near which is a clip. Climbing to the top, more lost souls swarm.
  34. Follow the walkway around to the left, and as you approach the shard, a cacodemon attacks. Continue to the end of the walkway for cells, an aide kit and shards. More lost souls attack.
  35. Go to the door, triggering a revenant to come it.
  36. Go through the door (Reactor Control Hallway), then through another door (Delta Reactor Control) into an office. The Primary Reactor Control panel has a button labeled INITIALIZE POWER for you to press to turn on the reactor. There is a pristine, collector’s edition of Game Hog for you to enjoy while you finish off the rest of the can of soda on the console — and remember to save that can.
  37. With your back to the console, go through the left door (Reactor Service Access). A zombie assaults. There is a health station.
  38. Climb up the utility ladder, to be attacked by an imp, followed by a zombie. There is a medkit and shells on the floor, shards opposite the ladder, and an ammo belt alongside the crates.
  39. Climb up the next ladder to be attacked by imps. Over the railing in front of the door. There is an aide kit and shards.
  40. Go through the next door (Delta Reactor Room). Cacodemons attack. There is a clip along left catwalk fork. A PDA (Brian Mora) along the right fork triggering lost souls.
  41. Backtrack down the ladders (Reactor Service Access) to the reactor control room (Delta Reactor Control). Commando zombies attack along the way.
  42. Go through the security door (Delta Reactor Engineering). An imp attacks. There is armor on top of the equipment bay. Go down the stairs, to find a medkit under them.
  43. Pass through the next door (Delta Service Tunnel 1) and go down the stairs. Cacodemons attack as you move around the room. At the end of the room is a medkit.
  44. Climb the stairs of the other catwalk, then go through the next door (Lift Access And Storage), and a commando zombie assaults.
  45. Ride the lift down, then imps attack. Take a ream of paper for the kid’s printer (careful they don’t getcha on the video.).
  46. Go through the door, (Delta Authority Systems). There is a medkit on the console alongside the stairs.
  47. Climb the stairs to the top, where you’re attacked by a commando zombie.
  48. Go through the next door, where you’re attacked by a zombie. There is a health station. There are clips and shells on the shelves. Drop through the pipe gap in the floor to find armor.
  49. Ride the lift up (Delta Authority Junction). There is a pinky demon attack, followed by an imp. Alongside the seating, there is an aide kit and shells.
  50. Go through the door (Delta Authority Archives), then down the hallway causing a gaggle of zombies to assault. At the end of the hallway, there is armor and clips on a console. Down the steps, awaits a commando zombie.
  51. In the next room, there is another commando zombie.
  52. Go through the door (Delta Authority Lobby). There are commando zombies waiting for you. There are shards near the door.
  53. Now go through the unlocked door (Delta Authority Hallway1), then through the next door (Delta 1 Access Lobby) for cacodemons.
  54. Then through the next door (Delta 1 Access Stairs). There cells.
  55. Jump down the broken staircase, then along the corridor where a commando zombie and a revenant attack, followed by z-sectors.
  56. Move into and down the large corridor (Delta Lobby Corridor), at the end of which are z-sectors.
  57. Enter the elevator, and riding it up to Delta Labs Sector 2A.

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